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1st-Apr-2010 01:47 am - By Your Side...
US/UK Dou (Emotion-Love)
I feel stronger...

Finally, after a long wait, here's another gift for pinkvader002, for all the wonderful work she's done~!!! Inspired heavily by the couch scene in "Baby Makes Three", with some liberties (are those faeries?)...

I hope you really enjoy it, pinkvader!

Just a reminder! No claiming, altering, reposting, or redistributing my art without my permission! Much love~!!!
15th-Aug-2009 02:32 pm - Finally, some art!
US/UK Dou (Emotion-Love)
(Gah! I hate being busy! It makes me neglect the art I promise to people!!! I'm so terrible! But I do love my new P.S.Cs4...Even though I'm not that great at it yet. But here ya' go! I present art!)

These are presents for pink_vader001, of whom I promised art, but am bad at delivering. I'm so sorry it's been so long! This is only a little of what I promised, but the rest is coming. Thank you so much for your amazing stories! And Baby Makes Three is one of the best things out there~! I can't wait to read about little Errol and Nicky in the future! XD
Hope you enjoy these!!!

Click them to make them bigger. My computer is being an asshat...

Warning! This pic contains nudity...

but, there's nothing there...oh mai...Well, we can pretend it's tucked, yes? I thought I could do it...then I chickened out...*cluck*

And now remastered! Chibi!Nicky!

It seems he's at his daddy's house, but it looks like there was a blizzard in Moscow...Not that Nikolas minds. He's pretty resilient, like his parents. (His bear has yet to be named! Ack!) I had a lot of fun making this one. XD

More to come soon! Next up is Abby and Errol, and the couch scene from Baby Makes Three!
11th-Jul-2009 03:31 pm - COMMISSIONS FOR MOCHI-PLUSH!
US/UK Dou (Emotion-Love)
Commissions are now open for the adorable APH mochi-plushies! Request any character you like, what size you want, what expression you prefer, and we can make a deal! Prices vary with detail, but I sell pretty cheap!

Right now, I mainly work with small plushies (these can come equipped with bobby pin or barette attachment for wearing upon your head), but I am willing to make any size!






ALL COMMISSION SPOTS ARE NOW OPEN!!! If your interested, message me!

(All orders are to be payed by PayPal or by check if you reeeally trust the US Postal Service!)

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

10th-Jul-2009 11:27 pm - Mochimerica~! Pics and Comission
US/UK Dou (Emotion-Love)

Check out my new mochimerica! I just finished him tonight!

I decided I would be totally awesome and give him a photoshoot!

Mochimerica munching on a piece of cabbage! (Well, actually it's a strawberry leaf...)

Mochimerica being a hippie. Peace, love, and cheeseburgers!

Mochimerica looking cool...on my swimtrunks...

Finally, Mochimerica is bobby-pin compatible. This is so he steal the brains from/take rides on his buddy's heads.

Mochimerica says bye-bye from the cave of awesome.

(EDITED) NEW MOCHI --  No nifty FX though...sorry.

Mochiggy and Mochimerica are chillin...

Mochimerica: *chuu~!*
Mochiggy: >/////<

Mochimerica: *raep*

Mochiggy: Who left this teacup here?

Mochiggy: America? Why is there an empty teacup here?

Mochiggy: Bollocks...I fell in...

Mochimerica: Lol. XD Hey, Iggy! What are you doing down there?
Mochiggy: S-shut up...

Mochimerica: Let me join too!
Mochiggy: B-baka...You're squishing me...

Meanwhile, Greece is hanging out with my cat, Goku.

Smile for the camera, Greece!!!
Greece: ...
Kitties: Nyaaaaaan~!


Group shot! Hiiii~!

These are only two of the new ones, yeah, but I had a bunch of others made too. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to ship them and completely forgot to take their pictures!!! Oh noes! But Greece was still hanging about, as well as Iggy (who I made just for my Mochimerica), so at least I get to show SOME variety. All characters are available, with any expression you desire~!

If you'd like your own mochimerica, or mochi-anybody, message me! I'm doing commissions cheap! (However, I'll only do so many at a time.) Just tell me who you want, how big you want it, and roughly where you live to calculate shipping!
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